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  • 2020 Fall MAP Day Program 

    Unknown author (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass), 2020-10-15)
  • 2021 Spring MAP Day Program 

    Unknown author (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass), 2021-03-25)
  • Babe Lincoln Vol. 4 (Spring 2021) 

    Corrada, Carlos; Cohen, Ben; Orndoff, Chris; Janeiro, Nicole; Jamal, Akib; Bedard, Jeanne; Browning, Eliza; Constantine, Kate; Robinson, Lola; Chaffiotte, Caroline; Browning, Eliza; Evans, Sydney; Naylor O., Ayanbi; Sutherland, Sarah; Gray, Emily; Williams, Shanai; Lundin, Josiah; Demet, Lily (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05)
  • Babe Lincoln Vol. 3 (Spring 2019) 

    Kelly, Samantha; Wright, Amber; Raymond, Jonny; Custer, Nefeli; Robinson, Lola; Orndoff, Christopher; Holt, Jeremy; Beard, Jacob; Delahunt, Morgan; Lekkas, Nick; Lan, Yao; White, Olivia; Walsh, Julie; Amaral, Nate; Van Der Schaaf, Jill; Macbride, Sean; Fenu, Tom; Smith, Christina; Parisi-Marcoux, Pia; Constantine, Kate; Browning, Eliza; Gray, Emily; Douglass, Keegan (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2019-05)
  • The Bloody Chamber: Investigating and Adapting Bluebeard as a Feminist and Jamaican Fairytale 

    James, Olivia Alicia (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05-16)
    The thesis opens with an essay discussing the evolution of the fairy tale Bluebeard and its continued legacy in modern adaptations which diversify and racialize the commonly accepted fairy tale standards. Examining Helen ...

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