Issue 12 (Fall 2019)

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Table of contents:

  • Preliminary study of the effects of Gallus gallus neuronal culture exposed to extracellular 25-35 beta amyloid fragment on lamellipodial growth cone dynamics / Teklu, Rediet Mesfin
  • Preliminary study investigating the effects of nicotine on myelin in Gallus gallus glial cells / Hapworth, Caylee J., 1999-
  • Preliminary study of the effects of (-)-nicotine on axonal outgrowth in Gallus gallus sympathetic neurons / Roth, Julia Madison, 1998-
  • Preliminary study on the effects of amyloid-beta protein on autophagy in Gallus gallus neurons / Rockvam, Olivia L.
  • Dual-labeling of FluoroMyelin™ and Rhodamine123 in embryonic Gallus gallus Schwann cells / Stoch, Sophia
  • Evidence that prolonged exposure of cortisol decreases neuron-neuron interactions in vitro / Mora, Jocelyn S.
  • Evidence of mechanical force forming axonal varicosities and promoting axonal transport / Scheidemantel, Laura J
  • Effects of (-)-nicotine exposure on the retraction of sympathetic growth cones on Gallus gallus neurons plated on Matrigel compared to poly-L-lysine / Crocker, Samuel J.
  • Effects of Amyloid Beta protein fragment 25-35 on lysosomal shape in Gallus gallus embryonic sympathetic neurons / Hill, Ashley R., 1998-
  • Evidence of the effect of cortisol solution on axonal growth in embryonic in vitro Gallus gallus sympathetic neurons / Ragas, Trevor L., 1997-
  • The effects of increasing mechanical pressure on Gallus gallus sympathetic neurons as measured by abundance of varicosities formed / Callahan, Lilly K.
  • Preliminary study of the effects of Matrigel on axon degeneration of Gallus gallus neurons treated with amyloid-beta 25-35 / Hart, Fiona A., 1998-
  • Evidence for the effects of cortisol exposure on endosomal activity in Gallus gallus neurons / McLeman, Sara J.
  • Evidence of effects on mitochondrial activity in axonal varicosities developed by age and axonal varicosities induced by application of mechanical force in Gallus gallus neurons / Paolella, Emma R.
  • Effects of cortisol exposure on myelin production on dorsal root gangia-derived Gallus gallus neurons / Lichter, Evan, 1997-
  • Evidence for the effects of cortisol on mitochondrial activity in Gallus gallus neurons / Fitzpatrick, Erika L., 1998-
  • Preliminary study analyzing effects of extracellular amyloid-beta on Gallus gallus glial cell motility on two extracellular matrices / Morrison, Madeline S.
  • Preliminary study on the effects of Matrigel on Gallus gallus growth cones treated with amyloid beta / Hart, Grace E., 1998-
  • Evidence that varicosity prevalence increases with distance from applied mechanical force injury in Gallus gallus neurons / Karnes, Morgan M., 1998-
  • Evidence that intracellular amyloid-beta affects mitochondrial activity in Gallus gallus neurons as determined by fluorescence microscopy / Daley, Caitlin G.


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