Issue 05 (Spring 2013)

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Table of contents:

  • The Effects of Mercury on Microtubule Polymerization in Axons of Gallus gallus Neurons / Adam Askew
  • The Effect of Mercury on Macropinocytosis in Glial Cells / KarryAnne Belanger
  • The Inhibition of Neuronal Axon Growth Cone Formation by Mercury is Dose Dependent / Zachary Dunn
  • The effects of 50nM mercuric chloride on filopodial activity of Gallus gallus glial cells / Chelsea Ettinger
  • Investigation of mitochondria concentration in Gallus gallus sympathetic neurons: Differences in mitochondrial concentrations between axons due to acute mercury exposure / Wyll Everett
  • In vitro sympathetic chick neurons show increase in axonal length and a decrease in filopia length after 30 minute exposure to mercury / Kayri Fernandez
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Mercury / Brianna Ferri
  • Exposure of trace concentrations of mercuric chloride to lamellipodia during periods of glial cell growth shows a decrease in rate of lamellipodia actin bundle reorganization activity / Jennifer Gibson
  • Effects of in vitro mercury exposure on lamellipodia of Gallus gallus neurons / Leah Jacobson-Hardy
  • Mercury exposure decreases the extension rate of filopodia / Corey Laliberte
  • The effect of mercury on the rate of maturation of macropinosomes becoming lysosomes inside glial cells / Magan Laliberte
  • The permissive ECM cue laminin and its promoting effect on neurite outgrowth / I-Wen Lin
  • Filopodia Abundance as a Result of Substrate Variation / Ali McCarthy
  • Decrease in Glial-Glial Cell Interactions After Exposure to Mercury / Cailin McCloskey
  • Effects of methylmercury on mitochondrial velocity in neural and glial cells of chick dorsal root ganglia / Alanna Monahan
  • The effects of mercury exposure on Gallus gallus glial cell retraction / Allison Moreau
  • Persistence of mitochondrial movement in the presence of mercuric chloride / Jordan Muse
  • The effects of laminin substrate on axon pathfinding in living sympathetic neurons / Kristen Palmer
  • Axon Growth in the Presence of Mercury: The Effects on Cell Adhesion / Allison Rainville
  • The effects of mercury on the retraction rates of one-day old and thirty-five day old Gallus gallus glia cells / Michaela Superson


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