Issue 07 (Spring 2020): Living Architecture

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Table of contents:

  • Similarities between lysosomes and recycling centers / Schroeder, Chelsea M.
  • Compartmentalization of activities in nuclear bodies and the Pentagon / Sedney, Colleen J.
  • Golgi apparatus and an automated car factory / Kelly, Nicholas P.
  • Connections between chloroplasts and solar cells / Carey, Alissa A.
  • Similarities between gap junctions and the Peace Bridge in Northern Ireland / Sherman, Grace Elizabeth
  • The Distribution of Tensile and Compressive Forces in Articular Cartilage and the Truss Bridge / Deubner, Chloe
  • MreB spiral structure and the spire of Parish Church of Chesterfield / Valentine, Ashley R.
  • Sodium potassium pumps and ion concentration polarization: Comparison of the functions and benefits of active transport / Spencer, Gizella B.
  • The Structural Similarities Between the Ribosome and the Punch Card Machine / Albright, Claire Emerson 1998-


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