Issue 09 (Spring 2017)

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Table of contents:

  • Bleb formation in response to the presence of lipopolysaccharide in Gallus gallus embryonic sympathetic neuronal and glial cells as a measure of cytotoxicity / Michalovic, Georgia F.
  • 3-nitropropionic acid influenced mitochondrial abundance in axons in a chick neuron model of Huntington's disease / Smith, Rebecca A.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction in axons may be reduced by pre-treatment of CoenzymeQ-10 / Zhang, Yun
  • Mitochondrial distribution in glia as changed by intracellular beta-amyloid / Newberry, Jake D.
  • Assessing the changes in autophagic activity in living sympathetic neurons treated with beta amyloid / Novakovic, Biljana
  • Evidence That Cellular Stress Increases Autophagy In Neuronal Gallus gallus Cells As Measured By Lysosomal Activity / Danga, Kristina
  • Effect of heat shock on axonal mitochondria in chick sympathetic neurons / Sapiente, Joseph Michael
  • The effect of lithium on axonal growth and cell dynamics / Cox, Allison A, 1996-
  • The effect of lipoplysaccharide on glial cell motility / Alden, Katrina
  • Resveratrol increases autophagy in Gallus gallus embryonic sympathetic neurons / Pedersen, Camilla Christina, 1996-
  • Effects of intracellular beta amyloid on mitochondria in triturated glial cells of Gallus gallus / Black, Sophia E.
  • Effects of serum starvation on autophagy in chicken embryo peripheral glial cells / Yang, Keran
  • The effects of extracellular beta amyloid on apoptosis of Gallus gallus glial cells in culture / Nestor, Kimberly Alia
  • The effect of intracellular beta-amyloid on mitochondria activity as demonstrated through fluorescence microscopy / Humure, Claudine, 1992-
  • The effects of 3-nitropropionic acid on mitochondrial abundance in glial cells of Gallus gallus / Tavares, Carly B.
  • The effect of intracellular beta-amyloid on mitochondrial abundance in glial cells / Lafen, Christopher T.
  • The effects of lithium on fast axonal transport in the PNS of Gallus gallus / MacGregor, Cathryn P.
  • Effects of Amyloid B-protein on autophagy in Gallus gallus embryonic peripheral glial cells as measured by lysosomal activity / Mercedes, Cynthia
  • Inducing mitochondrial membrane potential dysfunction with 3-nitropropionic acid in Gallus gallus neurons / Ampem-Darko, Kelvin Kweku


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