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    Sustainability and viability of marginal land agriculture : urban and arid-land food systems.
    (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2015) Sidell, Ciara.
    This thesis comparatively analyzes urban and arid-land agriculture, looking specifically at the sustainability and viability of these two marginal land food systems. The potential of improving both systems' sustainability and viability is explored through analyzing the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economics and sociocultural. The author synthesizes the practices and concludes that the development of urban and arid-land food systems is viable -- capable of succeeding -- only if the environmental, economic, and sociocultural sustainability of the systems are maximized and well balanced. Sustainably developing food systems in agriculturally marginal land areas -- the areas of present-day growth and future prosperity -- is necessary when considering the realities of urbanization and desertification.