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    Russia and The United States: A Shared History of Figure Skating and Potential for Healing.
    (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05-16) Rooney, Taylor M
    The rising tensions between the United States and Russia has continued to grow without solution over the last few years. As the result of this rising tension, there are growing concerns that the tension will turn into direct conflict. Figure Skating, which both the United States and Russia share a long history of cooperation in, would create a potential avenue for improving relations through the ongoing positive relationship that already exists between Russian and American skaters. Thus I propose that the American and Russian Figure Skating teams come together to put on a showcase to make a statement that Russia and the United States can work together and create something beautiful and enjoyable to all people.
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    The last days of the emir: bukharan and russian monarchies in the inter-revolutionary period
    (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass), 2020-05-10) Smith, Casey E.
    Between the 1905 and 1917 Revolutions, Tsar Nicholas II observed an increasingly weakened position on both the domestic and international stage, especially in Russia’s status as a colonial power in the south. Thus Nicholas II and Emirs Abdul Ahad Khan and Mohammed Alim Khan, rulers of the Bukharan Emirate (a protectorate of Russia) utilized concurrent methods of self strengthening and mutually beneficial monarchical relations to prevent the destabilizing of their respective autocratic governments. Meanwhile, reform movements in Bukhara were fuelled not only by the corruption of the Emir, but ideological rifts over the status of Russian Empire within Bukharan borders. Utilizing texts from Western travel authors, photographs from Russia’s ethnographic surveys and casual court documentation, and the works of Bukharan reformers, this thesis argues that during the inter-Revolutionary period, Nicholas II’s colonialist ideas were influenced by the decay of the Bukharan court and its ability to prop up his own weakening rule.
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    Guns, Oil, and Diamonds: Russian Foreign Interventions in the Middle East and Africa
    (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass.), 2020-05-10) Lekkas, Nicholas
    For the past 20 years, Vladimir Putin has embarked on a mission to revive a Russian Federation reeling from the fallout of the collapse of the Soviet Union. It soon became apparent that this country was resuming its traditionally adversarial behavior towards the United States and Europe, as Russia began conducting foreign military interventions on European sovereign territory. Since the mid 2010’s, Russia has shifted its focus from Eastern Europe, and has now commenced similar operations in the Middle East and Africa. Now, however, it has updated its tactics, presenting the U.S. and its allies with new problems. My thesis argues that, throughout the course of Vladimir Putin’s tenure as president, he has developed and deployed a three-pronged strategy which utilizes Russia’s military, private military companies, and disinformation warfare capabilities to disrupt the operations of its adversaries and destabilize volatile regions of the world to create a political climate conducive to increased Russian influence beyond the former Soviet Republics.
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    Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva: An Evolving Poetic Relationship
    (Wheaton College; Norton, Mass., 2011-11-23T15:42:28Z) Svobodová, Alena.
    The thesis explores the poetic evolution of the relationship between Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva. Both belong among the greatest poets of the century, yet one could hardly find two more different people and two poets with such a different poetic style. By examining their relationship from the beginning of their career throughout their lives, one can identify the different stages of their relationship and the crucial events that shaped it.