Issue 01 (Spring 2004)

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Table of contents:

  • Localized filopodial activity as evidence of differential regions of endocytic activity / Alex Asancheyey
  • Mitochondrial Density in Regions of Axonal Overlap Compared to Axonal Regions Distal to Overlap / Danielle Kyes
  • Axonal Outgrowth of a Neuron with an Encroaching Neuron / Jessica Allegra
  • Mitochondrial Membrane Charge Differentiation in Areas of Axonal Overlap and in Areas of Cell Bodies Using JC-1, a J-aggregate Vital Fluorescent Dye / Jillian Anger
  • K+ Induced Exocytosis at Localized Regions of En Passant Synapses in Chick Embryonic Ganglia Cells / Lauren Suarez
  • The high density of mitochondria in a region of axonal overlap can suggest the presence of en passant synapses / Robert Borkowski
  • The Ratio of the Relative Level of Membrane Charge on Mitochondria in Small Localized Regions of Axonal Overlap Compared with Small Localized Regions of Cell Bodies / Trishia George
  • Exocytosis judged by localized endocytosis after K+ depolarization of chick embryonic peripheral neurons / Whitney Sirois.


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