Issue 06 (Spring 2016): Living Architecture

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Table of contents:

  • Dynamic equilibrium via aquaporins and filtration systems / Awkerman, Nathaniel G.
  • Chloroplasts and St. Chapelle / Lafen, Christopher T.
  • Similarities in portable energy form in the Hoover Dam and electron transport chain / Franklin, Alana
  • Flexibility in structure of the Dynamic Tower and bacterial flagellum / Wang, Ashley L.
  • Three subdivisions of the Golgi apparatus as an analogy to Hershey’s chocolate factory / LaFontaine, Ethan
  • Dynamic of continuous track motion and eukaryotic cell movement / Werry, W. Douglas
  • Golgi apparatus and Taichung Metropolitan Opera House / Shi, Ao
  • Plasma membrane and the Great Wall of China / Zhang, Yun
  • Vesicles to ferryboats: the common need for transportation / Southard, Hannah E.
  • Architectural similarities between the structure of Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas airport and actin filaments with binding proteins / Tatematsu, Bruna K.
  • Signaling seen in nuclear pore complexes and the Panama Canal / Fuchs, Walker
  • Dome-shaped jungle gyms and the spectrin lattice of erythrocytes and cardiomyocytes / Thomas, Carina
  • Eukaryotic cell vs. college campus / Ryabin, Jessica
  • Actin bundling proteins and rebar structuring / Prewitt, Logan A.
  • Similarities between HeLa cells and the Brooklyn bridge / Laraque, Leana


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