Issue 01 (Fall 2014) Life 2.0: Blurring the Boundary Between our Tech and Ourselves

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Table of contents:

  • Cetacean-inspired wind technology / Brennan, Bridget D.
  • Landfills and their environmental impacts / Johnson, Alonzo
  • Contraception and the body: an analysis of our changing biology / Kasper, Kira
  • Antidepressants and the future of changing your brain / Lloyd, Ryan P.
  • Connecting technology and biology: wildlife corridors / Mankowski, Lauren
  • Tidal energy and effects on marine environments / Mitsinikos, Sara L.
  • Global ocean sprawl: a driver of jellyfish blooms / Munsill, Lily
  • Terraforming and its potential future application on Mars / Pitt, Andrew
  • Sonar as a hybrid technology and its effects on the environment / Sitzer, Whitney E.
  • Nanorobotics: a promising medical frontier / Steen, Kimberly L.
  • Offshore wind farms / Sterrett, Rike
  • Nuclear power: environmental effects of the Chernobyl disaster / Crump, Emily
  • Hydrogels: artificial cartilage / Verde, Gabriella
  • Lab-grown meats: the future of the meat industry / Solarik, Petra
  • Exoskeletons: an upcoming aid / Cummings, Michael
  • Organ printing: frontiers in personal medicine / Gillis, Lindsey
  • Water treatment: saltwater as a source / Grannell, Molly
  • Artificial reefs: building for the future / Groeneweg, Jess
  • Biofouling of artificial structures / Henderson, Stacey
  • Fusion of robotics and our environment: the development of the Robobee / Jeannotte, Alec
  • Forensic odontology: a hybrid system / Jenquine, Kelsie


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