Issue 03 (Fall 2008)

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Table of contents:

  • Effect of Cytochalasin on average pseudopodia length in Amoeba proteus / Waciega, Alex
  • Cytochalasin B causes Amoeba proteus to become more spherical / Cohen, Joshua
  • Pseudopodial length in Amoeba proteus decreases in presence of Cytochalasin B / Ciampa, Maeghan
  • Effect of Cytochalasin B on average pseudopodia growth rate in Amoeba / Ball, Amanda
  • Pseudopodia average number decrease in treatment with Nocodazole in Amoeboid proteus/ Albu, Stefana
  • Effects of Nocodazole on pseudopodium growth in Amoeba / Ealey, Dashawn
  • Evidence that pseudopodia formation decreases with Cytochalasin B / Emory, Jessica
  • Cytochalasin B’s effects on pseudopodia formation rates in Amoeba proteus / Faizi, Zaheer
  • Pseudopodial lengths decrease as a result of Cytochalasin / Gabree, Ashley
  • Effects of Nocodazole on Amoeba pseudopod counts / Gilpatrick, Joshua Ryan
  • Evidence that the number of pseudopodia in Amoeba proteus is lower after exposure to the drug Cytochalasin B / Glass, Kyle
  • Change in the rate of pseudopod growth under the effects of Cytochalasin B / Greenstein, Ian
  • Pseudopodia numbers decline in Amoeba when Nocodazole is administered / Houlihan, Sarah
  • Evidence that Cytochalasin B depolymerizes F-actin filaments involved in pseudopod formation in Amoeba proteus / Hussain, Ali
  • Evidence that the drug Cytochalasin B prevents the generation of pseudopodia in Amoebae / Jahnke, Maris L
  • Effect of Nocodazole treatment on the pseudopodial number in Amoeba proteus / Knapp, Kathleen
  • Reduction of lamellipodial region in Cytochalasin B treated Amoebae / Laliberte, Farrah
  • Effect of Cytochalasin B on pseudopod formation rate in Amoeba proteus / Manguso, Robert
  • Evidence that the number of pseudopodia exhibited over time by Amoeba proteus is reduced when treated with Nocodazole / Mehlhorn, Alison
  • Effect of Cytochalasins on pseudopodia formation in Amoebae / Perelman, David N.
  • Evidence that treatment with Cytochalasin B increases the average velocity of cytoplasmic streaming in Amoebae proteus / Rawson, Amanda
  • Evidence that average relative velocity of cytoplasmic streaming in Amoeba proteus increases after Cytochalasin B treatment / Rossetti, Blair J.


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