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Copyright and License: All materials in "Wheaton College Postcards" are subject to Title 17 of the U.S. Code. All rights reserved.

Acknowledgment: This page was created by Martha J. Mitchell to complete the requirements for the course ILS 655-70 Digital Libraries at Southern Connecticut State University. Edited by Zephorene Stickney Helmreich.

Description: Wheaton College Postcards is a digital library of scanned JPEG images of archival postcards with subject matter being that of buildings and views of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. This collection is intended primarily for use by Wheaton College students, faculty, staff, and alumnae/i. It is accessible from the Wheaton College Library web page as well as from Google.

Provenance: The "Wheaton College Postcards" were either FIC (found in collection), or donated by various donors over the last 100 years.

Mission: The goal of this digital collection is to increase access to the collection and to better preserve the original postcards through less frequent handling.

Use: For quick and easy browsing, click on one of the "Browse This Collection" links on the left side column, or enter a search term in the "Search within this collection" box above and press "Go". Click on a highlighted named link or the thumbnail image to view the record. Then click on it again to view a larger JPEG image. Use your browser's "back" arrow to return to the main page or click on the "Wheaton College Postcards" bread crumb near the top of the page to return to where you started. Dublin Core data for each item may be viewed by clicking on the link labeled "Show full item record" located just under the title in large print.

Contact: You may ask any questions about the collection by emailing Mark Armstrong at

Collection policy and scope: The digitized postcards include the most interesting and diverse postcards stored in the Marion B. Gebbie Archives & Special Collections at Wheaton College, Norton, MA. The criteria for selecting postcards for inclusion in this digital library were: those in fair to good condition, views of buildings from different angles, historical buildings whose names had changed or were torn down, and interesting campus views of statues, woods, bridges, the pond, and aerial views showing different sections of the campus. Portraits, similar views, and postcards with excessively yellowed pictures were not selected to be included as part of this digital library.

Organization of collection: The selected postcards were scanned as archival grade TIFF images using 24 bit color, 600dpi with pixels set at 4,000 for the long edge and approximately 2,000 for the short edge. Due to copyright considerations and quicker opening/download time, the TIFFS were converted to lower quality JPEG images. If a user wishes to request a higher quality image, permission must be obtained from the publisher, although over half of the postcards selected have no publisher information. An intentional decision was made to avoid grouping the collection into categories, because of the overlapping and arbitrary nature of any potential categories.

Resource descriptions: The Dublin Core metadata includes Library of Congress approved MARC subject headings. Image descriptions include: the measurements of each postcard; all photographer and publisher information available; and whether the postcard is black and white, color, or hand-tinted.

Additional service features: The JPEG images are of low quality that may be opened and copied. Reference services are also available by clicking on the Manakin ‘contact us’ email link at the bottom of each page. The email goes to a DSpace staff member who notifies their contact at the Wheaton College Library. Users desiring a higher quality image in Tiff format must request it from Wheaton's Archives and Special Collections staff, who will attempt to contact the publisher for permission to send a higher quality image.

Planned website maintenance: The "Wheaton College Postcards" digital exhibit will be reviewed and updated as needed each summer. More postcards from the Wheaton College Archives may be added in the future.

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