Recent Submissions

  • A fierce horse woman in a world of men : a study of Virgil's Camilla in Aeneid VII-XII. 

    McNamara, Eileen. (Wheaton College; Norton, Mass., 2011-11-23)
    This Honors Thesis examines the role of Virgil’s Camilla throughout the second half of the Aeneid. As a skilled horsewoman, fierce warrior, and exotic foreigner, Camilla stands out in the te ...
  • Augustine's Confessions and the origins of contemporary psychology. 

    Atwood, Julia. (Wheaton College; Norton, Mass., 2011-11-23)
    This thesis argues that Augustine’s Confessions, through its conceptualization of the inner self, constitutes as the earliest contribution to modern psychology, specifically to introspection and to more contemporary ...
  • Translations and adaptations of Euripides' Trojan Women. 

    Geller, Grace. (Wheaton College; Norton, Mass., 2010-05-19)
    My thesis explores twelve translations, versions, and adaptations of Euripides’ Trojan Women. I discuss how every text has its place, whether it is a literal translation or an adaptation. Each play tries in different ways ...