Recent Submissions

  • Enquiry concerning the hyperreal number system. 

    Wu, Tianyu. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2015)
    The hyperreal number system has been developed since the 1960s, starting with the ground-breaking work of Abraham Robinson, for the purpose of doing nonstandard analysis [10]. The main motivation for its development derives ...
  • Tiling the half-plane with squares of integral sides. 

    Hartman, Emma. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2014)
    Describes an algorithm which tiles the half-plane using unique integral-sided squares and a compactness equation with which the algorithm can be compared to other methods of tiling the half-plane using unique squares.
  • Introduction to nonlocal and generalized lie symmetries of partial differential equations. 

    Levien, Ethan. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2014)
    A symmetry of a differential equation is a transformation that takes a solution of the differential equation to another solution. These transformations are useful in both pure and applied study of partial differential ...