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    • Introduction to nonlocal and generalized lie symmetries of partial differential equations. 

      Levien, Ethan. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2014)
      A symmetry of a differential equation is a transformation that takes a solution of the differential equation to another solution. These transformations are useful in both pure and applied study of partial differential ...
    • Tiling the half-plane with squares of integral sides. 

      Hartman, Emma. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2014)
      Describes an algorithm which tiles the half-plane using unique integral-sided squares and a compactness equation with which the algorithm can be compared to other methods of tiling the half-plane using unique squares.
    • Enquiry concerning the hyperreal number system. 

      Wu, Tianyu. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2015)
      The hyperreal number system has been developed since the 1960s, starting with the ground-breaking work of Abraham Robinson, for the purpose of doing nonstandard analysis [10]. The main motivation for its development derives ...
    • Kings in generalized tournaments. 

      Zhang, Cheng (Wheaton College (MA)., 2018)
      This thesis explores how to find and construct kings in three generalizations of tourna- ment: semi-complete digraphs, oriented graphs and quasi-transitive oriented graphs.In Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, we present a way to ...
    • Perfect colorings of a design with 2-dimensional euclidean crystallographic symmetry group. 

      Xu, Xi (Wheaton College (MA)., 2018)
      This thesis introduces perfect colorings and the systematic way of generating perfect colorings. We study the perfect colorings for designs whose symmetry groups are 2-dimensional Euclidean crystallographic groups. ...
    • Examining different measures used to detect gerrymandering. 

      Helmreich, Rae (Wheaton College (MA), 2019)
      Gerrymandering is the act of changing political boundaries so as to favor one political party or class in an election. Much effort has been made in recent years to mathematically detect gerrymandering in order to prevent ...
    • Hidden markov models for music classification. 

      Liu, Xinru (Wheaton College (MA), 2019)
    • Encryption using the rubik's cube. 

      Feng, Weiqi (Wheaton College (MA), 2019)
      Rubik's Cubes, estimated to be the world's besting-selling toy, is a fascinating puzzle that I believe most people have attempted to solve. However, as anyone who has tried knows, Rubik's Cubes are hard to solve. Cryptography ...