Table of contents: In vitro synapse formation among peripheral neurons of the domestic chicken embryo, Gallus gallus / Kelsey Babcock -- Cilia in glial cells of Gallus gallus embryos / Emily M. Christensen -- The effect of glial cells on regions of high IFT88 in peripheral neuronal axons / Brandon Conn -- Potential role of acetylated-tubulin in sympathetic nerves of chick embryos / David Kvistad -- Comparison of fixation methods for staining of primary cilia on glial cells / Emily Crump -- Evidence that the abundance of synapses is negatively correlated with their distance from ganglion / Xue Gong -- The presence of acetylated alpha-tubulin in differentiating neurons / Kayla N. Moses -- Evidence that anti-NSF fluorescent labeling of en passant synapses is brighter than terminal synapses / Isabel Goncalves -- Evidence that synapses do not form in embryonic chick neuronal cultures as measured by syntaxin staining compared with tubulin staining / Allyssa Lumbert -- Glial cells influence tubulin polyglutamylation patterns in neurons / Jeffrey Paer -- Formation of synapses in embryonic chick neuronal cultures / Rachel Kirk -- Degree of polyglutamylated tubulin in proximal axonal regions in relation to distal branched axonal and un-branched axonal regions / Jeffrey Sanborn -- The observation of DNA in glia using immunofluorescence to find mitotic cells / Mike Koperniak -- Relative distribution of polyglutamylated tubulin and alpha tubulin within mitotic glial cells / Caroline Stanclift -- The effect of axonal fasciculation on synapses in neurons of Gallus gallus / Rachel L. Zuese.

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