Table of Contents: Ethanol exposure on pulse in chick embryos / Anna S. Blumenthal -- The effects of alcohol exposure in developing chick embryos / Arieanne L. Creighton -- No discernable difference in body length of chick embryos treated with alcohol and control (no alcohol) / John A. Fant -- Development of chick embryos affected with fetal alcohol syndrome / Francesca R. Flynn -- Teratogenic effects of embryonic alcohol exposure on the limb buds of chicks (Gallus gallus) / Kelsie L. Jenquine -- BPM is direct proportion of ethanol in chick embryos in FAS / Kelsey A. Meyer -- Limb bud growth in chicken embryonic model of fetal alcohol syndrome / Annika E. Nosal -- Assessing changes in eye development in zebra fish model of alcohol exposure / Biljana Novakovic -- Effects of ethanol on pigmentation development, dispersion, size, and shape in Danio rerio embryo heads / Madeline L. Parker -- Chick embryo wing bud length observations in relation to ethanol treatment in a model of applied fetal alcohol syndrome / Rebecca A. Smith -- Wing bud development based on varying concentrations of ethanol exposure / Daniel S. Spencer -- Fetal alcohol syndrome on notochord induction in chick embryos / Kimberly L. Steen -- The effect of ethanol on the inter-ocular distance and eye diameter in developing, fetal zebrafish / William S. Sweet -- The effects of chick embryos exposed to alcohol show a slower growth rate in body length / Carly B. Tavares -- Testing the teratogenic effects of alcohol on chicken embryo growth / Malik A. Zaza.

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