Table of Contents: Cetacean-Inspired Wind Technology / Bridget Brennan -- Nuclear Power: Environmental Effects of the Chernobyl Disaster / Emily Crump -- Exoskeletons: An Upcoming Aid / Michael Cummings -- Organ Printing: Frontiers in Personalized Medicine / Lindsey Gillis -- Water Treatment: Saltwater as a Source / Molly Grannell -- Artificial Corals: Building for the Future / Jessica Groeneweg -- Biofouling of Artificial Structures / Stacey Henderson -- The Fusion of Robotics and Our Environment: the Development of the Robobee / Alec Jeannotte -- Forensic Odontology: A Hybrid System / Kelsie Jenquine -- Landfills and Their Environmental Impacts / Alonzo Johnson -- Contraception and the Body: An Analysis of Our Changing Biology / Kira Kasper -- Antidepressants and the Future of Changing Your Brain / Ryan Lloyd -- Connecting Technology and Biology: Wildlife Corridors / Lauren Mankowski -- Tidal Energy and Effects on Marine Environments / Sara Mitsinikos -- Global Ocean Sprawl: A Driver of Jellyfish Blooms / Lily Munsill -- Terraforming and its Potential Future Application on Mars / Andrew Pitt -- Sonar as a Hybrid Technology and its Effects on Odontocetes / Whitney Sitzer -- Lab-Grown Meats: The Future of the Meat Industry / Petra Solarik -- Nanorobotics: A Promising Medical Frontier / Kimberly Steen -- Offshore Wind Farms / Rike Sterrett -- Hydrogels: Artificial Cartilage / Gabriella Verde.

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