Table of contents: Microtubules in cilia and flagella and the Burj Khalifa: balancing tension and compression / Adam Askew -- Similarities between intermediate filaments and a rope course / KarryAnne Belanger -- Structural similarities between grana in chloroplasts and the galaxy SOHO Complex in Beijing, China / Sarah Collins -- The similarities of chlorophyll and solar panels / Sergio Colon -- Geodesic domes and the spectrin lattice / Emily Crump -- Chloroplasts and solar panels are constructed from simple repeating parts to form complex structures / Margaret Dampier -- Similarities in architecture between the Eiffel Tower and actin filaments with their accompanying binding proteins / Stephen Das -- The nervous system and the pony express: efficiency in communication / Ava Donaldson -- Cytoskeletal structures in epithelia and the Millenium Bridge balance the forces of tension and compression / Lindsey Gillis -- Redundancy in biological and architectural systems / Jeremy Golden -- Lack of supporting structures results in spheres / Nicole Jenkins -- ATP synthase, water turbines, and the transport of potential energy / Janine Kopeski -- The cytoplasm and the cell and the courtyard of a Siheyuan / I-Wen Lin -- Redundancy in collagen fibers and Free Spirit Spheres / Cailin McCloskey -- Cars and kinesin / Caitlin Nygren -- Comparison of plant cell wall to buildings engineered to survive earthquakes / Kaitlin Phelan -- Strength comes from number for zippers and cadherin / Hans Pope -- Tinkering with the blueprints of cells and Notre-Dame / Jocelyn Ryan-Small -- Similarities between neurons and fiber optics / Brittany Sullivan -- Chinese handmade shoe soles and tight junctions / Keyu Wang -- The strength and flexibility of the plasma membrane compared to chainmail armor / Lucas Yoder.

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