Table of Contents: Tubulin concentration of ingressing cells in sea urchin / Ryan Barrette -- A study of cilia density in sea urchin embryos during gastrulation / Stephen Das -- Direct proportionality of acetylation of microtubules in sperm tails to their adhesivity / Ariel Eaton -- Total amount of acetylated tubulin in sea urchin cilia of varying lengths / Wyll Everett -- Comparing the strength of non-acetylated tubulin against acetylated tubulin / James Greene -- Tubulin concentration in the ingressing cells vs. other cells during the gastrula stage in sea urchin embryos / Elena Llabovitiadhi -- Acetylated tubulin concentration in cilia during gastrulation / Ali McCarthy -- Comparison of cilia densities in sea urchin gastrulae via immunofluorescent staining / Sarah Moore -- Patterns in alpha-tubulin fluorescence as a useful predictor of cell cycle stage / Matthew Sexton -- DNA staining of sea urchin embryo cells and the concentration of mitosis / Anna Sololova -- Acetylated tubulin concentrations in archenteron of mid-gastrula sea urchin embryos / Justus Spencer -- Direct correlation between the concentration of microtubules in the basal body and concentration of acetylated tubulin in the associated cilium of cells in the sea urchin embryo / Kathryn Svec -- The concentration of acetylated tubulin in cilia as seen in blastula and gastrula stages of sea urchin embryonic development / Caitlin Sylvia -- Cilia formation based on the concentration of tubulin present in the archenteron epithelial cells in comparison to non-archenteron epithelia / Holly Wagman.

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