Table of contents: Decrease in filopodia sprouting after exposure to methyl mercury / Hannah Blomquist -- Decrease in total length of filopodia of chick embryonic neural cells after exposure to mercury / Robin Bradley -- The characterization of neurite recovery after mercury using environmentally relevant exposure in vitro / Jason Browne -- Number of mitochondria proximal to growth cones decreases in chick sympathetic neurons following in vitro mercury exposure / Elyza Chadwick -- Decreased mitochondrial activity in glial cells of peripheral neurons after in vitro exposure to mercury / Emily Chadwick -- The effects on mitochondrial charged regions in chick embryonic peripheral neuronal axons pre-exposed to mercury / Natasha Colon-Ortiz -- Evidence that in vitro mercury exposure decreases strength of charge of individual mitochondria located in axons of embryonic chick peripheral neurons / Nicole Cullinane -- Axonal degeneration as a result of in vitro Mercury exposure / Jenifer DeNormandie -- With exposure to mercury, there is a lesser amount of movement of growth cones of chick sympathetic neurons in the experimental sample than in the control sample as measured by a change in degree / Elyse Doherty -- The effect of mercury on direction of mitochondrial movement in embryonic Gallus gallus neurons / Elaine Grulke -- Comparative function of glial mitochondria, using rhodamine 123 vital stain, after subjection to an ionic mercury solution / Tyler Hamerla -- Retraction in sympathetic neuronal growth cones when exposed to mercury / Danielle Hamlett -- The effect of mercury on the distribution of neurite area / Kevin Hewitt -- Effects of mercuric chloride on the growth of neuron in chick nerve cells / Eastern Hsu -- Neuronal exposure to mercury II chloride decreases the number of endosomes present in the growth cone of a degenerating neuron / Kristin Lang -- A 30-minute exposure to mercuric chloride results in a decrease in axon diameter in embryonic peripheral neurons, suggesting mercuric chloride as a possible neurotoxin inducing microtubule disassembly / Lindsay Leddy -- Substantial retraction of growth cones resulting immediately after exposure to mercury / Stacey Liberman -- A growth cone axon will undergo retraction in vitro, following exposure to mercuric chloride (HgCl2) / Elizabeth Mills -- The effect of mercuric chloride on the concentration of mitochondria along the axon / Katherine Niegisch -- Mitochondrial distribution in axon branch points affected by mercury / Helen Pauly-Hubbard -- Effects mercury exposure has on axonal transport of mitochondria / Sara Seeman -- Nerve growth cone area decreases after mercury exposure / Bonnie Thorne -- Mitochondria function in response to in vitro exposure to mercury / Valerie Tratner.

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