Table of contents: Chromatin structure and McDonalds franchises are assembled from repeating fundamental units that allow for flexibility of structure / Brian Beckwith -- The spectrin lattice and suspension bridge design / Kaleigh Biles -- The spectrin lattice and suspension bridge design / Jeffrey Boghossian -- Optimizing biological and architectural designs / Jeffrey Boghossian -- The similarities of the fertilization envelope and moats / Kathryn Burke -- Selective protein admittance into the nucleus via nuclear pores / Kaitlin Gorman -- Tension and compression are balanced in the Buckminsterfullerene structure and the Spaceship Earth / Elizabeth Mills -- Tension and compression forces of a desmosome and a button / Savannah Moore -- Compartmentalism of a cell / Tyler Morse -- How adipose tissue and the Beijing National Aquatics Center use simple repeating units to form complex structures / Sam Neill -- Similarities between histones and bookshelves / Lindsay Petrenchick.

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