Table of contents: The effects development has on the redistribution of tubulin in sea urchin embryos / Kathryn Burke -- Increase of the mitotic spindle length to the mitotic cell diameter ratio during sea urchin embryonic development / Annalisa Carson -- Amounts of tubulin in the archenteron epithelium compared with amounts of tubulin in the non-archenteron epithelium using immunofluorescent staining / Stewart DesMeules -- Analysis of immunofluorescence microscopy images of sea urchin embryos / Ian Greenstein -- Total cellular tubulin and mitotic spindles / Susannah Holt -- Total cytoplasmic volumes of Lytechinus pictus embryos remain constant during progressive embryo stages / Kaitlyn Kasinskas -- The hyper-acetylation of pre-fertilization sperm axonemes is diminished following fertilization / Alison Mehlhorn -- Properties of mitotic cells in Lyticinus pictus embryos / David Perelman -- A study on the concentration of acetylated tubulin in the cilia of sea urchin embryos / Brian Preziosi -- Acetylated tubulin in sea urchin (Lytechinus pictus) sperm cells / Brianna Shaughnessy -- Brightness of sperm tail in immunofluorescence image indicates the stability of the tail and more bright sperm tails are bent in acute angle than obtuse angle / Tatsushi Shintaku -- Patterns of cilia formation in early development of Lytechinus pictus embryos / Rebecca Sieburth -- Acetylation of tubulin oscillates between high and low levels along the length of the sperm tail / Heather Watkins -- The rate at which cells in the animal hemisphere undergo mitosis compared to those in the vegetal hemisphere in sea urchin blastula / Alexandra Wilson.

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