Table of contents: The effects of mercury on chick embryonic neuron growth cones / Catherine Forant -- Mercury exposure decreases the abundance of mitochondria located in growth cone of 7-10 day old chick embryo peripheral nerve cells / Suzanne Frasca -- Mercury has no immediate effects on neuronal growth in primary culture chick sympathetic neurons / Ashley Furr -- 100nM HgCl does not have an immediate affect on F-actin in 10-day chick embryo fixed sympathetic neurons / Michael Grimaldi -- Relative rates of retraction of plasma membrane and mitochondria of neurons in the presence of mercury ions / Mark Halbach -- The addition of mercury decreases area and slows overall rate of growth of lamellar region in developing chick embryonic Glial cells / Rebekah Halmo -- Mercury shows varied influence on distribution between actin in developing Glial cells and neurons / Reed Hollett -- Observing the effects of toxin mercury on lamellipodia and filopodia in relevance to neuron-glia interactions / Sarah Karevicius -- Mitochondria transport in chick sympathetic neurons exposed to mercury / Celeste Karpow -- Mercury has no immediate effect on the velocity of mitochondrial movement in 10 day chick peripheral neurons / Amy Langevin -- Evidence for mercury-induced decrease in activity of mitochondria found in the region of axon extending 30µm from the neuronal growth cone / Elizabeth McKay -- The effects of mercury on endocytosis in Gallus gallus sympathetic neurons / Alexander Meyer -- Mercury does not affect F-actin levels in glial cells / Chelsea Nardone -- Mercury does not affect F-actin levels in glial cells / Michael Ophir -- Analyzing motility behavior and anchoring action of mitochondria exposed to mercury during transport within chick sympathetic neurons / Danica Peterson -- The effect of mercury on the ratio between polymerized and de-polymerized actin in Glial cells / Amanda Rawson -- Mercury shows no immediate affects on F-actin to G-actin ratio in primary culture chick sympathetic neurons / Blair Rossetti.

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