Table of contents: The effect of chronic exposure to acetylsalicylic acid on 3-5 day old chick embryos / Amanda Ball -- Analyzing the migration of neural crest cells based upon the dyed areas of a developing chick embryo / Kendra Feaster -- The effect of ethanol on ocular length in zebrafish / Ashley Furr -- Ephedrine and its effect on neural crest cell movement in 72-hour chick embryos / Michael Grimaldi -- Acute effects of alcohol on development of neural crest cell development and migration in zebrafish (Danio rerio) / Reed Hollett -- Blood vessel formation in chick embryos chronically exposed to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) / Celeste Karpow -- Minimal effects when acute nicotine exposure introduced to 3 day old chick embryos / Amy Langevin -- The effect of chronic caffeine exposure on heart strength and rate of developing chick embryos / Sara Mason -- Assessment of blood vessel area growth in the developing chick embryo under chronic exposure to 0.5 mL of caffeine / Elizabeth McKay -- The effect of temperature on the rate of metamorphosis in Xenopus larvae / Matthew Migliozzi -- The effect of Cytochalasin B on cell adhesion in developing sea urchin embryos / Michael Ophir -- Effects of caffeine on embryo growth in chicks / Caroline Pingree -- Nicotine’s affect on developing chicken embryos / Nathan Robbins -- High insulin dosages lead to vascular defects in chick embryos / Ramon Sosa -- Increasing the acidity of water may stunt the development of frog embryos and egg jelly coats / Ian Strachan -- The Affects of Insulin Exposure on the Development of Chick Embryos / Dania Tonelli.

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