Table of contents: What are the effects of mercury on rates of axonal transport in neuronal primary culture chick sympathetic neurons? / Jasmine Bhatia -- The effects of mercury on primary culture chick sympathetic neurons' growth cone activity / Brittany Chick -- The effects of mercury on the classes of fast axonal transport / Stephanie Cummings -- The effect of mercury on neuron-glia interaction / Juliana Fess -- Mercury disrupts the arrangement of axonal microtubules in primary culture chick sympathetic neurons / Bri Jeffrey -- Mercury-treated neurons show slower growth cone retraction rate than non-mercury-treated neurons on laminin substratum / Esther Kovacs -- The effects of mercury on primary process growth, branching patterns, and length in chick sympathetic neurons / Lyndsey Shorey -- Rhodamine phalloidin stain indicates greater amount of actin in mercury-treated primary chick sympathetic neurons / Amy Silverio -- The effect of mercury on neuron-neuron interactions of nine day chick embryo dorsal root ganglia and sympathetic chain neurons / Sara Tower -- Growth cone retraction rates differ in time and on substrata when subjected to sublethal doses of mercury / Ru-Huey Yen.

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