Table of contents: Animalization of sea urchin embryos using zinc chloride and theophylline / Erin Allgood -- Wing bud apoptosis in embryonic chick development / Liv Carlson -- UV exposure to sea urchin gametes and success of fertilization envelope liftoff / Amanda Crouch-Smith -- High concentrations of ethanol affect the brain development in chick embryos resulting in tissue and organ abnormalities / Stephanie Cummings -- The effects of Salinity on the acrosomal reaction in Lytechinus variegatus sea urchin embryos / Ana Davis -- The affects of salinity on mitosis in Lytechinus variegatus sea urchin embryos / Breann Day -- Nicotine as a teratogen in five day old zebrafish (Danio rerio) / Jessica Gagnon -- The effects different seawater salinities have on fertilization success and fertilization envelope lift off / Anabel Holt -- Rates of pronuclear migration in sea urchins / Ashley Jennings -- Using nile blue staining techniques to determine the effects of ethanol (EtOH) upon the necrotic cells developing chick embryo limbs / Kirsten Larsen -- Patterns of apoptosis in the feet of chick embryos at day 7 and day 9 of development using Nile blue a sulfate staining / John Lee -- The effects of 2% ethanol on developing chick embryos vascular development and blood island formation show vascular development is inhibited and blood islands are more abundant / Ashley Leslie -- Chick embryos exposed to varied concentrations of ethanol and tyrode's solution will have diminutive facial and cranial structures / Melissa Lozano -- Evidence that mercury decreases the area of aster formation in Lytechinus variegatus embryos during the cleavage stage / Cali McGinn -- ethanol-exposed chick embryos exhibit lower vascular areas and increased heart rates / Karim Nathan -- The effect of 2% ethanol on a developing chicken embryo’s vascular area: a study in fetal alcohol syndrome and blood vessel branching patterns / Diana Page -- Ethanol impedes heart rate and body length in chick embryos / Hemant Patel -- Ultraviolet radiation in the 254nm wavelength can interfere with the first mitotic division in sea urchins / Matthew Powers -- The effects of ethanol on the allometry of the brain and body of chick embryos / Natalie Shelton -- The effects of ethanol on the development of brain area in chick embryos / Molly Troup -- The effects of ethanol on the development of brain area in chick embryos / Maya Wolf-Pollina -- Calcium's effect on cell adhesion and tight junction formation in sea urchin blastulae / Ashley Young -- Nicotine causes abnormalities and developmental defects among the craniofacial structures of embryonic zebrafish (Danio rerio) / Jennifer Ziello.

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