Organization and function of nervous systems emphasizing cellular and molecular mechanisms. Topics include cell biology of neurons, neuron growth, motor proteins and the cytoskeleton, physiology of excitable membranes and biological circuits. Laboratory emphasizes experimental methods and includes tissue culture and microscopy. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory per week.

Table of Contents:

  • Evidence of increased dendritic spine density in cortisol-treated human neurons derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells/Griffin, Moira C.; Szot, Taylor L.
  • Preliminary study on the effects of the chemotherapeutic drug Mitomycin C on human mixed cortical neurons in vitro/ Flaum, Benjamin; Hanna, Benjamin E.; Muvavarirwa, Tapiwa M.V.
  • Preliminary Study of the Impact of Cortisol on Dendritic Formation on Human Mixed Cortical Neurons in vitro/ Lally, Anna; Fournier, Natalie
  • Evidence that oxidative stress leads to a change in mitochondrial charge in hiPSC-derived mixed cortical neurons: implications for the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease/ Kelly, Nicolas P.
  • Preliminary study of pyramidal cell differentiation among human neurons induced from human pluripotent stem cells /Kankel, Brynn E.; Gaudette, Skylar; Trudeau, Danielle K.
  • Preliminary Study on Cell Count and Dendritic Growth in Mixed Cortical Neurons Treated with Cortisol / Nguyen, Augustina L.; Sipes, Sidney K.
  • Preliminary study of human neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells as models for schizophrenia / Goble, Quinn E.; Ladjevic, Elysse M.

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