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  • Politics in Battle: The Army and the State in the German-Soviet War 

    Pfitzner, Kiran (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05-16)
    The thesis argues that both Germany and the Soviet Union entered the Second World War with fundamentally counterproductive relationships between political and military authorities. The German Army sought to operate without ...
  • Secrecy in Flux : The CIA and Changing Context. 

    Segal, Jack (Wheaton College (MA)., 2018)
    This work covers a period of American history stretching from the initial proposal for the creation of the American Central Intelligence Agency in 1944 to the conclusion of Jimmy Carter’s presidency in 1981, analyzing ...
  • Back to the land : the revival of american communes in the late 1960s. 

    Regan, Lydia (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2017)
    Back to the Land: The Revival of American Communes in the Late 1960s argues that the revival of communes was the result of many Americans felt an absense of community and were frustrated with increasing violence. Commune ...
  • Bridgit's Iowa : the immigrant experience for Irish women in the hawkeye state, 1840-1900. 

    Burke- Smith, Bridgit. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2016)
    This thesis will study the importance of labor in the experience of Irish female immigrants in the nineteenth century. It will explore the effects of Irish women having the opportunity in America to earn wages and contribute ...
  • Notorious crimes & high misdemeanors : New England women in court 1620-1690. 

    Prince, Erika. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2015)
    Notorious Crimes & High Misdemeanors argues that the experiences of women in court in seventeenth-century New England were shaped not only by the circumstances of their crimes and established legal and cultural attitudes ...

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