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  • Campus views--aerial, circa 1965 

    Unknown author
    This picturesque aerial view captures the varied architectural styles on Wheaton’s campus. Open fields and traditional New England farmhouses, including the Presidentnulls House (1829), Hollyhock House (1935), and the ...
  • Carrie P. Marshall 

    Unknown author
    Carrie P. Marshall, class of 1904, graduation photograph.
  • Carter Cottage, circa 1890s 

    Unknown author
  • Cash expended 1841. 

    Wheaton, Laban Morey, -1865. (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 1841-01)
  • Cash received/expended 1827-1831. 

    Wheaton, Laban Morey, -1865 (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 1827)
  • Cell from Proterallium, 1926 

    Ames, Rosella Sprague
    The camera lucida is an optical device patented in 1806 as a drawing aid by artists and scientists. Through a combination of a prism and half-silvered mirror, the artist sees the subject being viewed superimposed on the ...
  • Chapel from Athletic Field 

    Evans, Walker (1940-08-02)
  • Chapin Hall, 1901 

    Unknown author
  • Chapin Hall, circa 1902 

    Unknown author (2009-07-06)
    Hand colored postcard (H 9620) of Chapin Hall, ca. 1902. The first brick building constructed at Wheaton, this dormitory was designed by Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson, and named for Samuel Austin Chapin, brother of Mrs. Wheaton, ...
  • Chase Dining Hall construction, circa 1959 

    Unknown author
    The dining hall named for William F. Chase, treasurer of Wheaton College from 1936 to 1960, under construction in 1959. Designed by Howard L. Rich, Rich & Tucker Assoc. This original dining room is called Chase Round.
  • Chemistry Experiment, 1953 

    Rittase, William M.
    Chemistry distillation experiment, 1953. (Left to Right) unidentified student and Mrs. Bojan Jennings.
  • Chemistry Laboratory, 1947 

    Unknown author
    Students working in a chemistry laboratory, 1947. Left to right: Sarah Ann Speen (class of 1949) and Ruby J. Watson (class of 1949).
  • Chemistry Laboratory, 1952 

    Unknown author
    Chemistry Laboratory, 1952. Left to right: Constance Russel (class of 1952), Marie Young (class of 1952), Carol Bossert (class of 1952)(in background).
  • Chemistry Laboratory, 1956 

    Unknown author
    Chemistry Department. Left to right: Ellen McAdams (class of 1958) and Barbara Smith (class of 1958).
  • Chemistry Laboratory, 1961 

    Allard, Paul
    American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Grant, August 1961. Suzanne Townsend (class of 1960) and Georgene Batyos (class of 1961).
  • Chemistry Laboratory, 1980s 

    Unknown author
    Chemistry laboratory in the 1980s.
  • Clothing and Accessories 

    Unknown author (2010-03-03)
    Collection of clothing and accessories from the Wheaton College Archives and Special Collections
  • Cole Memorial Chapel 

    Evans, Walker (1940-09-22)
  • Cole Memorial Chapel with Students 

    Evans, Walker (1941-03-27)