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Rare books and archival materials from photographs to student research notebooks were used to exhibit the history and importance of teaching STEM at Wheaton, from its founding in 1834 to the present. February - March 2008.

Recent Submissions

  • Tangents 

    Hubbard, Edith
    Geometry notebook of Edith Hubbard, class of 1891.
  • Visual Perception Experiments 

    Marshall, Carrie P.
    Psychology notebook by Carrie P. Marshall. class of 1904.
  • Grey Goldenrod [(Solidago nemoralis)] 

    Broomfield, David
    David Broomfield, class of 2011,"Copy of an 18th Centry Field Guide" for his First Year Seminar: Understanding New England Forests with Professor Deborah Cato.
  • Secants and Tangents 

    Cunliff, Emma
    Secants and tangents drawn in a geometry notebook in 1866 by Emma Clunliff, class of 1868.
  • Phylongenetic Tree of Life 

    Pastra-Landis, Elita
    Elita Pastra-Landis, class of 1969, presented this in honor of the retirement of Professors Jane Chidsey and Maud Marshall, 6 April 1973.

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