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  • Hazel branch [(Corylus avellana)] 

    Grew, Nehemiah 1641-1712 (Printed by W. Rawlins for the author, 1682)
    A page cut transversely from the book "The anatomy of plants: With an idea of a philosophical history of plants. And several other lectures, read before the Royal Society."
  • Rushlight Cover, 1887 

    Unknown author (Wheaton College; Norton, MA, 1887)
    "The Cheesebox" Observatory, 1887.
  • Rushlight Cover, 1895 

    Unknown author (Wheaton College; Norton, MA, 1895)
    Philosophy and astronomy.
  • [American] Bladder Nut (Staphylidae trifolia), 1923 

    Ames, Rosella Sprague
    Pressed leaf and flower from the 1923 biology notebook of Rosella Sprague Ames (class of 1926).
  • Botany Class, 1885 

    Unknown author
    After graduating from Wheaton Female Seminary in 1866, Clara M. Pike (ca. 1844-1933) taught the English Branches from 1869 to 1871, and Natural and Physical Sciences (botany, chemistry, physics and astronomy) from 1871 to ...
  • [Racomitrium] Moss (R. heterostichum, R. fascicular) 

    Mehlhorn, Alison
    Alison Mehlhorn, class of 2011, created "An introduction to Boulder Communities Teeming with an Abundance of Life" for her First Year Seminar: Complete Amateur Naturalist with Professor Betsey Dyer
  • Movement of the Sun and Density of the Earth, 1850s 

    Howland, Amy White
    Philosophy, astronomy, theology, and French notebook of Amy White Howland, class of 1854.
  • Amy White Howland, 1854 

    Unknown author
    Daguerreotype of Amy White Howland, class of 1854
  • Cell from Proterallium, 1926 

    Ames, Rosella Sprague
    The camera lucida is an optical device patented in 1806 as a drawing aid by artists and scientists. Through a combination of a prism and half-silvered mirror, the artist sees the subject being viewed superimposed on the ...
  • Loan Interest, Principal and Discount, 1850s 

    James, Mary A.
    A mathematics proof given by Mary Jane Cragin, Teacher of Mathematics at Wheaton College from 1851 to 1858. The proof copied by Mary James, Wheaton student from 1856-1857, is an example of an entry from Miss Craginnulls class.
  • Molecular Evolution as Reflected in Changes in the Structure of Protiens 

    Pastra-Landis, Elita
    Elita Pastra-Landis, class of 1969, presented this in honor of the retirement of Professors Jane Chidsey and Maud Marshall, 6 April 1973.
  • Problems in Area 

    Perry, Mabel
    Arithmetic notebook by Mabel Perry, class of 1896.
  • Carrie P. Marshall 

    Unknown author
    Carrie P. Marshall, class of 1904, graduation photograph.
  • Mabel Perry 

    Unknown author
    Mabel Perry, class of 1896, graduation photograph with the inscription, "Nothing too much."
  • Edith Hubbard 

    Unknown author
    Edith Hubbard, class of 1891, graduation photograph.
  • Astronomy Laboratory, 1981 

    Pearce, Toby
    Two students on the Science Center Roof in 1981.
  • Mary Jane Cragin, 1860s 

    Benecke, R.
    Photograph of Mary Jane Cragin in the 1860s
  • Science Building Laboratory, 1950nulls 

    Unknown author
    Photograph of students in a science lab during the 1950nulls.
  • Type of Order Liliaceae [Lily] and Potato with Beet, 1896. 

    Perry, Mabel
    Pencil drawings from the notebook of Mabel Perry (class of 1896).
  • Taxonomy of Quadrupeds 

    Cunliff, Emma
    Natural History Notebook from 1864 by Emma Cunliff, class of 1868.