This collection of Wheaton College Undergraduate Honors Theses includes honors theses from a variety of Wheaton College academic departments.

Please note that this is not a complete collection of honors theses done at the College. Only theses whose author(s) have given Wheaton College permission to post their work online are included here.

The complete collection is housed in the College Archives and theses from 1928 to 1969 and 1990 to present are discoverable (1928-1969, 1990-present) through the library catalog.

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Recent Submissions

  • Patterns of succession in Wheaton woods 

    Chapman, Ellen (Wheaton College (MA), 1978)
    A study of the floristic composition of Wheaton Woods, Norton Massachusetts is described with particular emphasis on its relation to successional processes and patterns. General history of New England forests is considered, ...
  • Queer Desire, Nature, & Myth in Ecopoetry 

    Evans, Sydney (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05-16)
    Nature is often a compelling source for poetry, and has been since the Romantic era. The relationship between humans and nature has always been complicated, and has been further complicated by the Anthropocene, the era of ...
  • More than just friends : understanding the role of casual sex in lgbtq+ identity formation. 

    Hankes, Rose (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05-16)
    The objective of this study is to illuminate how college students who self-identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community partake in casual sex or hookups as a tool for identity formation during their coming-out process. This ...
  • Ancient Coins in the Hendricks Bequest: Identification and Worth 

    Adams, Dalton (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05-16)
    The Hendricks Bequest totals 314 ancient Greek and Roman coins. I have fully identified, cataloged, and photographed these coins. A discussion the theoretical concepts of value within an academic collection, the interdisciplinary ...
  • Politics in Battle: The Army and the State in the German-Soviet War 

    Pfitzner, Kiran (Wheaton College. (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05-16)
    The thesis argues that both Germany and the Soviet Union entered the Second World War with fundamentally counterproductive relationships between political and military authorities. The German Army sought to operate without ...

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