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    • Babe Lincoln Vol. 3 (Spring 2019) 

      Kelly, Samantha; Wright, Amber; Raymond, Jonny; Custer, Nefeli; Robinson, Lola; Orndoff, Christopher; Holt, Jeremy; Beard, Jacob; Delahunt, Morgan; Lekkas, Nick; Lan, Yao; White, Olivia; Walsh, Julie; Amaral, Nate; Van Der Schaaf, Jill; Macbride, Sean; Fenu, Tom; Smith, Christina; Parisi-Marcoux, Pia; Constantine, Kate; Browning, Eliza; Gray, Emily; Douglass, Keegan (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2019-05)
    • Babe Lincoln Vol. 4 (Spring 2021) 

      Corrada, Carlos; Cohen, Ben; Orndoff, Chris; Janeiro, Nicole; Jamal, Akib; Bedard, Jeanne; Browning, Eliza; Constantine, Kate; Robinson, Lola; Chaffiotte, Caroline; Browning, Eliza; Evans, Sydney; Naylor O., Ayanbi; Sutherland, Sarah; Gray, Emily; Williams, Shanai; Lundin, Josiah; Demet, Lily (Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.), 2021-05)
    • Doing, Redoing, and Undoing Masculinity in Environmentalism 

      Robinson, Lola (2021-05-16)
      Conventional and traditional visions of masculinity idealise and glorify, violence, aggression, and destruction while undermining more caring traits such as altruism, empathy, and compassion. These gender scripts inform ...