Mormon culture of community and recruitment.

dc.contributor.authorGrava, Tofani.
dc.description125 leaves; illustrations.
dc.descriptionIncludes bibliographical references (leaves 113-118).
dc.description.tableofcontentsChapter I: Introduction||Chapter II: Methodology||1. Research Phases||2. My Informants and Fieldsites||3. Ethical Considerations||4. Challenges Encountered||Chapter III: Literature Review ||I. Historical Framework||II. Theoretical Framework||A. Metatheoretical Framework||1. Theories of religion and community||2. Religious rituals and rites of passage||3. Millenarian movements||4. Fundamentalism||5. Charisma||B. The logic of Faith in Christianity in 21st Century America||1. The function of American Churches in contemporary American society||2. Modern Techniques of membership recruitment||3. Religious conversion||III. Analyses of Mormonism||A. Processes of socialization and the Mormon subculture||1. A Family-oriented theology||2. Official Mormon religious rhetoric||3. The prophetic figure||B. Mormon Conversion||1. Missionary work and volunteer labor force||2. Mormonism as millenarian||IV. Online Communities: Theoretical Overview||A. Virtual Culture||1. The Interaction logic of virtual communities||2. The Virtual Self||3. The Interpenetration of public and private spheres||4. Virtual Communities as instruments for change||3 B. Religion and Technology in Modern America ||1. A New Religious Landscape||2. Religious representation online||3. Praising Technology||IV. Twenty-First Century Mormonism and the Internet||A. Mormon Culture in the Virtual Age||1. Change and Accommodation: The Public Faces of Mormonism||2. Building the Church online||B. Proselytizing through electronic media||1. Official LDS Websites||2. The Mormon Blogosphere Page||Chapter IV: Data Analysis||I. Encountering the LDS Church for the first time||1. Personal preconceptions regarding the Mormon Church||2. Trip to the Oakland Temple and subsequent first face-to-face with missionaries||3. Trip to Salt Lake City, Utah in August 2010||II. Mormon missionaries and becoming a potential member of the faith||1. Missionary lessons||2. My experience of personal involvement||3. Baptism ceremony projection date||III. The LDS Community||1. Sunday meetings||2. The Temple||3. General Conference||IV. Church authorities on the Web||1. Official Sites||2. Instructing the lay ministry and Church Internet Policy||3. LDS Missionary work online||V. Members online investment||1. The “Bloggernacle” ||2. Mormons on “Second Life”||Chapter V: Conclusion||Bibliography||Glossary||Annex||Documents
dc.identifier.otherW Thesis 1364
dc.publisherWheaton College (MA)
dc.subject.lcshChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- History.
dc.subject.lcshMormon Church -- History.
dc.subject.lcshMormons -- Social life and customs.
dc.titleMormon culture of community and recruitment.
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