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    • The SGA Newsletter Fall 2022 Semester 1 

      Student Government Association (2022)
    • Promoting Transformative Learning Using Critical Pedagogy and Moore's Theory of Transactional Distance 

      Donaldson, Sara; Yuhaniak, Heather; Borkoski, Carey; Abel, Yolanda (Peter Lang, 2022-08-11)
    • Rushlight: Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 

      Unknown author (Wheaton College (MA)., 2022)
    • Multiwavelength Observations Reveal a Faint Candidate Black Hole X-Ray Binary in IGR J17285−2922. 

      Stoop, M.; van den Eijnden, J.; N. Degenaar; Bahramian, A.; Swihart, S. J.; Strader, J.; Jimenez-Ibarra, F.; Munoz-Darias, T.; M. Armas Padilla. M.; Shaw, A. W.; Maccarone, T.J.; Wijnands, R.; Russell, T. D.; Hernandez Santisteban, J. V.; Miller-Jones, J. C. A.; Russell, D. M.; Maitra, D.; Heinke, C. O.; Sivakoff, G. R.; Lewis, F.; Bramich, D. M. (Oxford University Press, 2021-07-24)
      IGR J17285−2922 is a known X-ray binary with a low peak 2–10 keV X-ray luminosity of ∼ 1036 erg s−1 during outburst. IGR J17285−2922 exhibited two outbursts in 2003 and 2010 and went into outburst again in 2019. We have ...
    • Birds and Bioenergy within the Americas: A Cross-National, Social–Ecological Study of Ecosystem Service Tradeoffs 

      Knowlton, Jessie.L.; Halvorsen, Kathleen.E.; Flaspohler, David J.; Webster, Christopher.R.; Abrams, Jesse; Almeida, Sara.M.; Arriaga-Weiss, Stefan L.; Barnett, Brad; Cardoso, Maíra R.; Cerqueira, Pablo V.; Córdoba, Diana; Persio Dantas-Santos, Marcos; Dunn, Jennifer L.; Eastmond, Amarella; Jarvi, Gina M.; Licara, Julian A.; Mata-Zayas, Ena; Medeiros, Rodrigo; Azahara Mesa-Jurado, M.; Yamily Moo-Culebro, Lízbeth; Moseley, Cassandra; Nielsen, Erik; Phifer, Colin C.; Pischke, Erin C.; Schelly, Chelsea; Selfa, Theresa; Silva, Chelsea A.; Souza, Tatiana; Sweitz, Samuel R.; Vázquez-Navarrete, César J. (MPDI, 2021-03-03)
      Although renewable energy holds great promise in mitigating climate change, there are socioeconomic and ecological tradeoffs related to each form of renewable energy. Forest-related bioenergy is especially controversial, ...